A Christmas state of mind.

New camera, who dis?

Santa Claus has done it once again, y'all.  Last year, he left a Dyson cordless vacuum, which I heavily requested and thoroughly recommend.  This year, he delivered a camera for all of the pictures of tasty treats (and shameless selfies) a lady can take.  To be specific, I asked for a camcorder for family home videos, like the dozens my brother June used to make, but Santa far exceeded my expectations with this camera.  The quality of videos and images is superb.

The best part is that I have so many special memories from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  My parents spent the night on Christmas Eve after our family dinner and on Christmas Day they got to open gifts with A and I.  Adam's family's Christmas tradition is to open gifts one at a time-- a tradition we have happily adopted.  (Marriage is neat like that.)  So after I opened the gift that turned out to be my camera, we quickly put it to use and what resulted is that we have the most beautiful video of a my parents and us relaxing together, drinking hot chocolate, opening gifts, watching TV, and later having breakfast, chatting, laughing, opening gifts, and napping with the rest of our family.

It was relaxed, casual, normal, and far from ordinary. This Christmas is by far one of the best Christmases I've had and this girl's heart is filled with love.